The demand for all types of nurse practitioners is increasing, so studying to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner is a viable option. Prescribe and offer various treatments, such as psychotherapy, medication therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. Once the coursework is completed, students take the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) PMHNP exam to receive a certification that carries weight at mental health offices around the nation. University of Arizona – Tucson, Arizona. The two-year program offers two tracks, family nurse practitioner and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA Programs Offered: MSN to DNP 5. Website. The serene beauty of the rural location and the smaller state haven’t stopped the university from being ranked #129 in public schools and #226 against all other universities by the US World & News Report. UW has one of the top health and nursing programs in the nation, so even without intense specialization, this is an education worth having. 45 Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner jobs available in Indiana on Work alongside doctors for referrals and to provide patient care, Contribute to policy development, quality improvement, practice evaluation, and healthcare reform. (n.classList.remove("right"),n.classList.add("left")):(n.classList.remove("left"),n.classList.add("right")),n.classList.toggle("open"),"undefined"!=typeof window&&void 0!==window.tagular&&window.tagular("beam","ElementClicked",{"@type":"redventures.usertracking.v3.ElementClicked",webElement:{location:"AD_DISCLOSURE",elementType:"TOOLTIP",position:"Search Experience",text:"Click - Ad Disclosure Tooltip"},actionOutcome:"INTERNALLINK"})}else"tooltip-body")||document.querySelectorAll(".tooltip-body").forEach(function(e){return e.classList.remove("open")})},document.addEventListener("click",window.toggleTooltip)}}function T(){return'\n \n ").concat({return"\n
Psychiatric nurse practitioners, also called mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs), depend on a hybrid background of nursing and psychiatry. University of California – San Francisco. Dr. Karan Kverno is an Assistant Professor as well as the Director of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. The Master of Science in Nursing Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Track (PMHNP) prepares graduates to assume a psychiatric-mental health care provider role in community, acute care and telemental health settings. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, top psychiatric nurse practitioner programs … According to the ANCC, upon successful completion of the exam, you will be Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified (PMHNP-BC). Full-time or … The school is affiliated with the United Methodists and is one of five such schools within Virginia. Columbus, Ohio.